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Whether we feel uncomfortable, awkward, shocked, or just speechless at serious news, we have all had times when we did not know the right approach to take to express our genuine concern for a family member or friend. Using sensitive words and approaches is the key to cracking open the lines of genuine communication between a pediatric cancer patient and those involved with his or her care.

Oops! Did I Say That? is a picture book intended for all ages. It is a valuable resource for showing families, friends, and caretakers of a cancer patient how sensitive a time it is in the patient’s life both emotionally and psychologically.

This book can serve as a valuable resource for those burdened with the difficult circumstances involved with cancer treatment. Finding an age-appropriate way to communicate support can make a significant difference when speaking with a child or adolescent patient.

Both negative and positive messages are portrayed in Oops! Did I Say That? For instance, I understand completely is given as an example of a negative response. A child or adolescent might question how a person can understand completely without having been through cancer treatment. It has the potential of increasing a pediatric cancer patient’s frustration levels and may hurt his or her feelings due to the intense stress of the situation combined with the insensitivity of the comment. Although I will never understand exactly how you are feeling, I can at least try my best to relate is an example of a positive response. This response would be better received due to the thoughtful consideration of the patient's feelings as well as the effort put forth in trying to comprehend what the individual is experiencing at any given moment.

Oops! Did I Say That? reaches out to both the caretakers and adolescent cancer patients. It helps both parties not only in communication, but to know that they are not alone in these trying times. With endearing illustrations by Stephanie Pezzelle and a poignant message, Sarah K. Johnson hopes to provide hope to all cancer patients and their caregivers.

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