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Jeff Allen

About the Author

Jeff Allen began life very small. Since then, he's earned his Bachelors of Art from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, and has been published in Collage, Millikin's literary magazine. He lives in Chicago. Jeff calls into morning radio talk shows and knows the unique despair of professional sports fandom. He understands that this is the only family he gets and is pretty okay with that.

Someone once taught him that whatever happens, there are conditions that indicate things could never have gone any other way. He understands that one too, but is not as okay with it. Fortunately, he has seen the future, and will live to tell about it.

Book by Jeff Allen

Simple Universal, by Jeff Allen, illustrated by Lauren Wika. (Decatur, IL.: Bronze Man Books, 2008). 32 pages, 5 x 9, saddlestitched. ISBN 978-0-9787441-4-4. $10.00 and $2.50 postage from the publisher at <> or by mail from: Bronze Man Books, Millikin University, 1184 W. Main, Decatur, IL 62522.


of tiny royalty

trees crawl into themselves
abandoning faulty suns and
pinprick breath
for the buried fugue of a
skeleton season.

when she sees those dark, naked
fingers pull the skies down
and scare the last of her flowers into the
earth, she sighs. here begins the last songs
of her sacred house.

her children still diligently serve,
though the last days march like
war, and she prepares her departure.
queens know the failing of an empire
as the bow feels weariness in a string.

at last, a night falls where few
return, the chorus of homecoming
a rough scrape through caustic throats.
bodies bury bodies, this
house hides a tomb.

she sinks into dusk, her wings carry
the weight of a nation of death.
she waits for spring,
when her body works the earth,
and her wings sing morning songs.

for now she sleeps like death, and dreams
the dreams of bees:
of honey, light and shadow,
of gold; all still as sound
before the wind.
of tiny royalty

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