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Josh Wild

About the Author


Josh Wild graduated from Millikin University in the spring of 2006. Wild concluded his illustrious collegiate career with Mathematics of Fire, a project that earned him the distinction of graduating with honors from the Millikin English department in May 2006.

A double major in English-Literature and English-Writing, Wild was a staple contributor to the university’s literary magazine, Collage. His writing earned him numerous honors, including multiple Dr. Grace Conant Writing Awards, given out annually to the top English students at the University.

Since graduating, Wild has worked as a journalist, a factory worker, a staple remover, a learner of words, a scanner of legal documents, and a bubble wrapper of artwork and sharp, metallic objects generously termed “art.” He lived in Chicago after graduations and is currently a graduate student in English at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Book by Josh Wild

Mathematics of Fire. Bronze Man Books, Millikin University, (Decatur, IL), 2007.



I go fishing in the back of my mind.
Leave the sleek hook slack and wait.
Soon enough some syllable will gobble the bait.

But I don’t rip cheeks on the first bite.
You only get the suicidal fish that way,
The ones too eager to die on the page.

I bleed myself a bit to give the scent
And then I let the dark shapes rise.
The lolling of their pretty tongues,

Their wet skin so queer and silver,
I staple iambs to their sides
And cut their throats. They feed the prey I want.

(I am a graveyard of poems I did not write.)
It’s just a bloody game of ambush, really.
Poetry is such a vicious thing to write.

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