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Stephen Moore

About the Author

steveStephen Moore graduated from Millikin University in May of 2007 with a BFA Theatre degree with an emphasis in directing & a love of lighting.

His work in theatre has ranged from director to actor to stage manager to designer to playwright. You can see some of his work at, a website. Steve lives in St. Louis, a city. You can call him smoore.

If you scratch him behind his ear he will act like a puppy.


Book by Stephen Moore

Commas & Ampersands - by Steve Moore
ISBN 978-0978744151 • saddle-stitch • © 2007


Play 61

Moonlight on a sidewalk. A streetlight flickers. puddles
litter the path that two people are taking through the

1 stops & looks back at his/her footsteps left on the
sidewalk after walking through a puddle. 1 bends
down & puts his hands in the water.

2: What are you doing?

1: I want people to think I’m doing front hand-
springs down the sidewalk.

1 presses both hands onto sidewalk, hops with both
feet in front of his handprints. puts hands down again.
so on & so on from puddle to puddle. 1 turns after a
few hops to 2.

1: Sorry, I guess that looks – what are you doing?

2 is doing something similar, only sideways.

2: Cartwheels.

2 looks up at 1 & smiles. A streetlight flickers.

2: Where are we going, anyway?

1: We could do this all the way back to my place.

2: Mmm...

1: I mean...

2: Or we could do this all the way to the park where
we can play hide & seek.

1: ...

2: Sorry, I guess –

1: I hope there are enough puddles.
A streetlight flickers.

1: We weren’t walking together until just now, were
we? y 6

1: in this light, you’re
hardly real

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