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Press Kit - Let's Talk Kids: Becoming a Family

Book Overview

Let's Talk Kids: Becoming a Family
by Claudia Quigg

photography by Toni Graves
edited by Kendall Robison
design by Taylor Chaney
cover by Sheri Martin

ISBN 978-0-9819591-6-0
paperback © 2013

178 pages (6" X 9”)
$16.00 plus $2.50 postage
Illinois residents add 9% sales tax ($1.44 per book)

In Let’s Talk Kids: Becoming a Family Claudia Quigg invites parents, expectant and otherwise, to share with her the experiences of bringing up children in our families. By compiling well-loved articles from her weekly news column "Let's Talk Kids," Quigg hopes to inspire parents to reflect and find their own best answers about how to raise their own unique children.
In the first book of the “Let’s Talk Kids” collection, Quigg shares her thoughts and experiences on topics ranging from choosing a name for baby during pregnancy to facing a toddler’s tantrums. With the best interest of children close to her heart, Quigg urges parents to respect their own insights as they view difficult topics, such as colic and toilet training, while marveling at the life-changing joy that children bring to the lives of everyone around them. “Let’s Talk Kids” is not an advice book, but rather a collection of stories that prompt reflection and invite parents to thoughtfully consider their own approach to bringing up their little ones.

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Author's Preface

Dear Reader,

What this book is not: Advice to tell you how to parent your children.

What this book is: Ideas and stories about the experience of having and raising our babies which I hope will inspire you to reflect and find your own best answers.

Becoming a Family is an occasion to reconsider all we thought we knew about the world. As we bring a child into our lives, we see ourselves in a new light. We may change our minds about some previously held opinions. We re-examine our lifestyle. We feel sometimes exhilarated by love and sometimes overwhelmed by the responsibility.

Through it all, we learn right along with our babies. They make mistakes and we make them too. My friend and mentor, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, says that children and parents learn the most from their mistakes. Every mistake offers up a new lesson to help us grow and teach us new insights. Rather than fearing our failures and feeling guilty about them, parents can use them to become more effective with their own kids.

The weekly column I write for several newspapers and record for Illinois NPR station WUIS is entitled “Let’s Talk Kids.” My goal is to affirm parents in their roles with their children, sometimes nudging them to consider what works and what doesn’t in their own homes. This book contains a few columns I have written to support you beginning in pregnancy and moving through the months of parenting your infant and toddler.

As you travel the sometimes-thorny path of becoming a parent, I hope this book will give you some practical ideas (like understanding colic and tantrums) and also inspiration for your own reflection. Through the hardships and hilarity of raising children, there is something new for us to learn at every step. And along the way, there are moments of sheer joy that take our breath away. It is certainly true that as we are raising our children, we are walking on holy ground.

If there’s one thing I have learned in my career of working with parents it is this: The answers are inside you. No one else knows your baby like you do. Even though there are times when your confidence wanes, you are ultimately the expert when it comes to your own child. I hope these words of mine encourage you in that role.

My best wishes, Claudia Quigg

Author's Conclusion

Dear Reader,

The four years between conception and the third birthday encompass enormous change in children and in their parents as well. A child is transformed from a tiny speck of matter to a fully functioning person in this period. Parents go from wondering about their unborn children to knowing them intimately as unique individuals.

During this period of time, parents do a great deal of experimenting, soul-searching, and trial and error as they learn what works with their own family. The advice of other people is helpful to a point, but parents know best from their own experience with their children.

When you reach your child’s third birthday, you have accomplished great progress. You have lived through sleepless nights and challenging days. You have learned what works, and what doesn’t, with your child. You have weathered the storms and laughed until your sides ache with your little one’s antics. You have “Become a Family.”

More challenges lie ahead for your family, but now you are a seasoned parent. The strategies you have learned to use will lead you to the solutions your child will need. The strengths that have emerged in your family serve as the building blocks for you to construct your child’s future. And the love that you share will hold you together through whatever comes your way.

It is my deep hope that this book has supported you in reflecting on your experiences with your own child. I would love to read your feedback if you would like to write me at <>. A second “Let’s Talk Kids” book, “Family Challenges” is in the works and will be available in 2014. This book will look at the hard stuff, like discipline, sibling rivalry and other common challenges throughout the years of childhood and consider how healthy families use these obstacles to build strong and happy kids.

Best wishes to you on the path of raising your children. I hope you will find joy in every day.

- Claudia Quigg

Photographer's Creative Statement

My goal in creating the photography for this project was to capture the pure beauty of newborn children and toddlers. By focusing on getting close to the children during the photo shoots, I was able to capture the unique and natural beauty of each child.

The greatest challenge for me was capturing the wide spectrum of emotions that Claudia details in her writing. I believe the photos turned out well because each photo revealed a true emotion that we sometimes try to hide as adults.

Working with newborns and toddlers was certainly a new experience for me as a photographer, and I could not have done this without the help and support of those involved in the project. I would like to thank the families associated with Baby TALK who donated their time to allow me to photograph their children. Also, I want to thank everyone at Baby TALK for helping me to arrange the photo shoots and use their facilities. Finally, I want to thank Claudia, whose brilliant writing gave me the inspiration to take these photos.

- Toni Graves


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