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Millikin University Haiku Anthology

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Millikin University Haiku Anthology
edited by Dr. Brooks, Emily Evans, Rick Bearce & Melanie McLayISBN 978-0-9787441-6-8 • paperback • © 2008
192 pages (5.5” X 8.5”)$25.00 plus $2.50 postage

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The art of reading and writing haiku has been taught at Millikin University for over a decade, resulting in student publications in various literary journals. Their haiku are fresh, contemporary, and based on the feelings, insights and daily experiences of being a college student.

This anthology includes 264 of the best haiku written by Millikin students and alumni. Each has been carefully selected to represent this haiku community, and to share the wonderful gift of haiku.

The Millikin University haiku studies program was recently recognized by the editor of The Haiku Anthology, Cor van den Heuvel. In the biographical overview of featured authors in a new anthology, Baseball Haiku: The Best Haiku Ever Written About the Game published by W.W. Norton & Company in 2007, editor Cor van den Heuvel writes:

“Randy Brooks is Chair of the English Department at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, where he also oversees what is undoubtedly the best English-language haiku program of any school in the country.”

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Millikin University Haiku Anthology edited by Dr. Brooks, Emily Evans, Rick Bearce & Melanie McLay . (Decatur, IL.: Bronze Man Books, 2006). 192 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, perfect bound. ISBN 978-0-9787441-6-8. $25.00 and $2.50 postage from the publisher at <> or by mail from: Bronze Man Books, Millikin University, 1184 W. Main, Decatur, IL 62522.


Bronze Man Books is pleased to publish an anthology that celebrates and showcases work of the Millikin University haiku community. Dr. Brooks has taught haiku courses, the Global Haiku Tradition and Haiku Writing Roundtable, at Millikin since 1999. The Millikin University Haiku Anthology is a collection of the best of the best haiku by current and former students, staff and faculty at Millikin University. The anthology includes award-winning haiku and haiku by the Millikin community previously published in literary journals. It also features new haiku from the Millikin haiku community through an open submissions process.

See an RSS feed sample of the haiku from the Millikin University Haiku Anthology at Haiku of the Day. There is an RSS feed button you may click to add this to your RSS feed reader at

The Millikin University Haiku Anthology provides a much-needed collection of contemporary English-language haiku for use in secondary and college level classrooms. While students of all ages enjoy contemporary haiku, Bronze Man Books believes that the haiku published in this anthology resonate with high school and college-age students attempting to learn more about the English-language haiku.

About the Editors & Authors

Editorial Team: Dr. Randy Brooks (217-424-6264), Emily Evans (alumni editor), Rick Bearce (student editor), and Melanie McLay (student editor)

Dr. Randy Brooks is the Acting Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Millikin University. He and his wife, Shirley Brooks, are co-editors and publishers of Brooks Books and Mayfly, a haiku magazine. He is on the boards of the American Haiku Archive and the Haiku Society of America and serves as web editor for Modern Haiku magazine. He enjoys immersing students into the art of reading, writing and studying the genre of haiku and related haikai traditions.

Emily Evans (’05) graduated with a degree in Music Business. She returned to her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, to pursue a Master’s Degree in teaching language arts. She gets her best haiku ideas while riding her bicycle in horrendous weather conditions.

Rick Bearce ('08) graduated with a degree in Physics.

Melanie McLay ('09) is a music education major.

The contributors to the Millikin University Haiku Anthology are undergraduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.

Books Reviews

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Book review of"Millikin University Haiku Anthology" by Patricia Prime, Kokako 10, (Auckland, Australia), April, 2009.

Book Review. Millikin University Haiku Anthology by Charles Trumbull, Modern Haiku, 40.2, (Evanston, IL) Summer, 2009.

Book review. Millikin University Haiku Anthology, by Dave Baharach, Moonset Literary Newspaper, (La pine, Oregon), Spring-Summer, 2009.

Book Review. "Millikin University Haiku Anthology" reviewed by George Swede, Frogpond, (Toronto, Ontario) Spring, 2009.

Book Review. "Millikin University Haiku Anthology" reviewed by James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review, (Oregon, WI) February, 2009.

Book Review. "Millikin University Haiku Anthology" reviewed by Aubrie Cox, Riverbed Haiku, (Champaign, IL) Winter, 2008.

Feedback & responses from readers: Millikin University Haiku Anthology responses.

Events & Photos

2.6.2009 - Photo Haiga Exhibit Reading

An exhibit of photo-haiga (a combination of photography and haiku) by Priscilla Meddaugh and Randy Brooks will be up from February 3 through Februrary 15, 2009. At 3pm on February 6 there is an opening lecture and haiku reading to celebrate the exhibition. Authors from the Millikin University Haiku Anthology and published in the Riverbed Haiku Anthology will also participate in a haiku reading. This event is sponsored by Staley Library, Bronze Man Books and Riverbed Haiku. Second floor, Staley Library. See the online photo-haiga exhibit.See the news coverage: "Millikin professors unveil photo-haiga exhibit, which combines haiku with images." Herald & Review, (Decatur, IL), Febraury 7, 2009

10.11.2008 - Haiku Homecoming Reading Publication Release

Bronze Man Books celebrated the release of the Millikin University Haiku Anthology at the Millikin University Haiku Homecoming Reading. The reading featured current students and alumni published in the anthology.

10.14.2007 - Millikin University Haiku Poetry Slam

Bronze Man Books announced the plans to publish the Millikin University Haiku Anthology one year prior to its publication date, and celebrated the opening of submissions with a Millikin University Haiku Poetry Slam. Competing haiku poets included three of the student and alumni editiors (1) Melanie McLay, (2) Emily Evans, (3) Rick Bearce and (4) the Production Manager of Bronze Man Books, Brian Blankenship.

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